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I. The GED Math test is composed entirely of word problems.

Click here for word problem activities that will help pass GED and CAHSEE. Do the items in order.

This Website contains thinking math problems for all GED math areas

Math Boot Camp

Day 1

Use this website to practice basics online(Choose Grade 6)

Solve simple word problems online here

Play online arcade games to improve basic math skill speed

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

These worksheets use a variety of skills and GED type of activities to help prepare for reading GED word problems.

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Mental Math Worksheet

II. If you need help with basic math concepts, continue reading this page for links to other activities.

Go to for worksheets and answers on all math topics.

If you are missing basics... go to this website for multiplication

1. Decimals Fractions Percents Charts

Most students want to start with decimals, fractions, and percents. You need to understand these basics in math because they will be on the GED.

Do the following activities in order:

a. Fraction basics:

Click here to work with fraction basics.

Use the Modeling Fractions worksheets on this page for more practice.

b. Equivalent Fractions

Use these Equivalent Fractions worksheets for practice

Click here for a worksheet about making equivalent fractions

Click here for more worksheets about eqiuavlant fractions

Click here to test how much you know about equivalent fractions

Click here for online practice with equivalent fractions

c. Fractions to Decimals to Percents

d. Making Charts

Go to this website to make your own bar chart of a day's activity. When you are through, print the chart. Label your chart with percentages and with fractions. Put your name on the chart. Post it on the bulletin board.

Math Videos to Help Refresh & Advance Your Skills

Click here for MathTV - videos for all math levels

Click here for Khan Academy video library & exercises (a very extensive video library with beginning and advanced levels)

Web Site to Practice All Math Skills for GED

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Worksheets for All Math Skills

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Click here to for fraction games to help practice different skills

Click here for more tutorials about working with fractions

Click here for a list of different websites where you can practice and learn with fractions

Click here to get fraction worksheets


Word Problems (Beginning Math Levels)

Click here to practice with word problems

Word Problem (Numbers & Operations)

Practice Business & Career Word Problems

Word Problems (Measurements)

Practice Business & Career Word Problems

Word Problems (Geometry)

Practice Business & Career Word Problems

Word Problems (Algebra)

Practice Business Career Word Problems

Word Problems (Data Analysis & Probability)

Practice Business & Career Word Problems


Percent Decimal Fraction Equivalents Chart.pdf