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Video Tips on Public Speaking

Examples of what NOT to do when speaking. Just watch a couple.

Tips for Speaking

This final link shows many more options for speech videos. Choose a couple a day.


Read all of the following items about public speaking.

What are the benefits of learning public speaking? Click here to find out.
How do you cope with anxiety? Click here to find out.
Do you know how to use relaxation techniques? Click here to learn.
Do you know how to evaluate a speech? Click here to learn.
What are some simple tips for public speaking? Click here for some tips on public speaking.

Write some notes about things you found interesting. What did you learn about public speaking that you did not know before? Do a Google search for videos about public speaking. Find at least one video. Make some notes about your thoughts on the video.

At 11:00, we will meet in room 19. Be prepared to share what you learned about public speaking. We will discuss as a group. We will then brainstorm to write an outline of a brief 15-30 second speech. The topic will be how you are using what you learn here at home. You will prepare a brief speech to explain how this program is helping you in your personal life. If you are using your learning with children, please explain and give an example. You will write out your speech using a simple outline. Click here to find a simple outline you can use.
We will videotape each other to see how we look when we speak.

Please come to room 19 at 11:00 prepared to work on the above items.

Intro video Your Life in Headlines


Click here for a five-minute video about files and organizing.
Click here for a video with filing tips.

Business English

1. Memo Writing - Click here to learn about it

2. Common errors to avoid - Click here to learn

3. Letter writing - Click here for a sample Click here to use an online letter generator (fun!)

4. Different types of business letters - Click here for samples

5. Click here for activities to practice different rules

Business Math

How to Read a Pay Stub

Business Math online videos and lessons